Apple Changes IPhone Battery Percentage Display In IOS 161


Disgruntled comments from iPhone users about Apple’s invisible battery design prompted a design change. Finally, the company changed the battery display along with the battery icon percentage with the iOS 16 update.

However, even these changes do not immediately meet the needs of users. This belongs to two reasons.

First, some iPhones don’t have the latest battery percentage meter display, so the battery only shows the percentage without a battery indicator. Second, some users don’t like the new battery design.

For reference, this change in the appearance of the iPhone battery is due to the presence of the iPhone X. When the iPhone came out with a notch design, the black bar at the top of the screen was used to house the front camera. and speakers, so that the battery percentage display has been removed.

Citing CNET, Monday (3/10/2022), this is done because there is not enough space in the status bar to display the percentage to the left of the battery icon.

Although the user can swipe down on the screen to see the battery percentage to access the control center, this method is considered not fast and efficient enough. Also when the user opens another application.

In addition, the percentage scale displayed alone makes it difficult for users to estimate the remaining battery life. To solve this problem, Apple has brought back the percentage on the battery icon in newer iOS.

However, some iPhone users don’t like the battery ratio design of this latest iPhone. The percentage is displayed inside the icon, but the company does not display a battery percentage meter on the battery.

This ensures that the battery icon is always visible and you should change the color of the icon to show the battery status. Later, the icon turns red only when the battery starts to run out, which is when the battery capacity is below 20%.

Apple has taken all the criticism of the battery ratio design and will be redesigning the battery icon in iOS 16.1. However, for now the feature is still being handled by the second developer.

A designer named Mikael Johansson also created a mockup showing some battery icon design options along with Twitter pedigree.

From Apple’s first design, Mikael created three alternative designs to suit the wishes of different users. With this Mikael model, Apple changes the battery icon to your liking.

Launching Apple’s support page, keep in mind that not all iPhone models running iOS 16 allow display of battery percentage.

iPhone models that don’t support this last design are iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 13 Mini. However, once iOS 16.1 is implemented, all four modes will receive the battery percentage feature.

It’s also one way to check your battery percentage by adding a battery widget to your device’s lock screen or home screen.

iPhone XR, 11, 12 Mini, and 13 Mini users can also view the total battery percentage by swiping down from the top right to see the percentage next to the battery icon.

To enjoy the new battery percentage screen on the iPhone status bar, you can first update the iOS 16 version. Users can start installing the iOS 16 software by opening the Settings menu, going to General, and selecting Software Update.

After the update is successfully installed, the battery icon displayed in the upper right corner of the screen will immediately display a new design.

Display settings appear automatically, but you can adjust them manually. Open the Settings app and select the Battery menu.

You will see several options in the menu. The top optional battery percentage is displayed and when you slide the option switch to activate the function, the battery percentage count appears on the battery icon.

This battery design changes color depending on conditions. The battery turns green when iPhone is charging, and the battery icon turns yellow when the battery level is low.

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