BenQ GW2780T LED Eye Care Monitor Review: Perfect For WFH

BenQ GW2780T LED Monitor Review

The BenQ GW2780T monitor is a range of 27-inch IPS monitors that support 1080p resolution. This monitor is said to be ideal for telecommuting (WFH) or online learning (e-learning) activities.

The reason is, the BenQ GW2780T is equipped with various technologies that are claimed to be able to maintain the health of your eyes even when you stare for a long time. In addition, its ergonomic design allows you to easily adjust the position of the screen.

So, is this claim true? What kind of technology does the BenQ GW2780T have? How is it performing? Read on for this review article to find the answer!

Ergonomic design BenQ GW2780T

Research has shown that the correct position for the monitor screen is right in front of your eyes. Not higher or lower. When placed right in front of the eyes, the neck does not look up or down for a long time. As a result, the neck bones are well preserved and do not hurt.

The design of the BenQ GW2780T monitor helps place the monitor right in front of your eyes. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the monitor can be easily adjusted for height, tilt, axis, movement and rotation. Everything is provided for you to relax comfortably in front of the screen.

Interestingly, adjusting the screen position is very easy. You can use one hand to position the monitor to fit your eye.

In general, comfortable posture differs between parents and children. The ergonomic design of the BenQ GW2780T allows you to quickly change modes according to each user’s different comfort scenarios.

The fun thing is that besides the stand provided, you can also use a stand measuring 10 x 10 cm to attach this monitor to the wall. But after pasting, you can no longer easily reposition the screen.

Overall, the BenQ GW2780T monitor has a modern and elegant design. There is also a thin frame.

There are holes at the bottom of the screen, especially in the stand. This is where you organize the cables so they don’t look messy. An added bonus for those who love elegance.

For connectivity issues, you can find HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort ports for each. This last port is also an advantage of the BenQ GW2780T. This monitor also has one 3.5mm audio port with two built-in speakers.

The only thing that bothers us from a design perspective is the location of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. We have to stumble to find the position of the button. Luckily, after a while, I got used to it and it wasn’t hard to find the button.

BenQ GW2780T is equipped with eye care technology.

So let’s move on to the eye care technology part of the BenQ GW2780T monitor. It is said that technology can keep your eyes healthy. Some of the technologies that include eye care are brightness intelligence, low blue light and flicker-free.

Let’s discuss one real technique that makes E-Learning or E-Learning (WFH) more convenient. The first is brightness intelligence. From the name alone, you can guess that this feature has something to do with the brightness level of the screen.

The light sensor at the bottom of the screen can detect changes in room lighting and automatically adjust the screen brightness level.

For example, when the room is bright, the display screen automatically brightens. The screen dims when the room is dark. Again, brightness changes can occur without the need for manual adjustments.

If the screen brightness level is too high, you may unknowingly strain your eyes. An automated system like this can help you avoid eye strain.

The second technology is called Low Blue Light. Thanks to this technology, the blue light emitted by the LED screen is reduced. Four low blue light presets are available: Multimedia, Web Browsing, Office, and Reading.

Blue light levels are different for each preset and multimedia remains pleasing to the eye but has the highest blue light level. Reading, on the other hand, shows the lowest level of blue light because the screen color is more yellow than the other presets. With it you can read more comfortably and comfortably.

Blue light alone is good for productivity, concentration and mood. However, blue light can also decrease the production of melatonin, a hormone involved in inducing sleep.

Staring at the monitor screen with blue light, especially at night, can keep you awake and relieve drowsiness. We hope that melatonin production will continue to normal, thanks to BenQ GW2780T’s Low Blue Light technology.

In addition to the Low Blue Light preset, several options are available: Standard, Color Weakness (for color blind people), Movie, Game, Photo, SRGB, and Eco. You can also create your own presets in the user section. Low blue light mode turns off when using presets.

There is also another technology called Flicker-Free. A continuously dark screen can add strain to your eyes. As a result, you feel dizzy and rub your eyes constantly. Well, BenQ GW2780T has flicker-free technology that can make your eyes not tired quickly.

Then, how was the experience of Bucar Review’s eye care technology? Set Low Blue Light as a working preset and turn on the Brightness Intelligence feature when testing the screen. We use our screens for 8-10 hours a day.

Our experience of using the monitor all day did not strain our eyes. This means that the screen brightness level that is set automatically by the monitor will look appropriate.

At night, BukaReview can also help you fall asleep quickly. This is a sign that the hormone melatonin can still be produced properly.

BenQ GW2780T Monitor Performance

Before discussing its performance, you should first look at the specifications of the BenQ GW2780T monitor.

BenQ GW2780T Specifications



27 inches

plate type


backlight technology


Accuracy (maximum)

1,920 x 1,080



Original Contrast (Type)


Field of view (L/R, U/D) (CR>=10)


response time

5 milliseconds

Balanced Dimension


color display

16.7 million

color gradient

72% NTSC

Display area(mm)

597.60 x 336.20



Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) (typical)


a little color

8 bits

eye care

Flicker-free technology


low blue light


brilliance of intelligence




D-Sub x1

HDMI port

HDMI port (v1.4) x1.0

screen port

DisplayPort (v1.2) x1.0



100 – 240 volts

Power supply


Power consumption (in mode)


Energy usage (based on Energy Star)

18 watts

So, how was your BukaReview experience when testing the BenQ GW2780T monitor? We were very impressed with the colors that the screen produces with the IPS panel. The colors that exist look alive (bright).

Contrast and level of detail in the displayed image is also well maintained. But this screen is pretty cool! In general, I am happy with the current offer.

With a response time of up to 5 ms, the BenQ GW2780T monitor has no input lag. A brightness level of 250 nits is sufficient.

One caveat is that the BenQ GW2780T is not a gaming monitor. So it’s normal not to support AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync.

However, we are still trying the game for screen testing. As a result, the BenQ GW2780T can display games well. Well, you could say it suits you. It’s also not so good or bad.

Speaking of colors, the BenQ GW2780T monitor has a 72% NTSC color gamut. Therefore, this screen is not suitable for design and editing. The reason is that the colors are not very accurate. For your editing and design needs, you should look for a monitor that supports the Adobe RGB color gamut.

Oh, and what’s interesting is that the BenQ GW2780T has two 1W speakers on the left and right. The speakers are very good, but the bass is not felt. A video call is required and a short time is sufficient.

However, those who need larger speakers to listen to music or watch movies will have to spend more money on built-in speakers.

Alternatively, you can use the 3.5mm audio port to use earphones or headphones.

BenQ GW2780T Monitor Overview

The BenQ GW2780T monitor is perfect for office and home work and e-learning needs. Eye care technology allows you to stare at the monitor screen for long periods without worrying about eye damage or fatigue.

The ergonomic design allows you to easily adjust the monitor’s position. With its slim bezels and DisplayPort, the BenQ GW2780T is perfect for a second monitor.

If you are looking for a monitor dedicated to gaming or design, this monitor is not for you. The colors provided by the BenQ GW2780T are not very accurate for either of these requirements.

You can buy the same BenQ GW2780T for IDR 4,000,000. Be careful not to confuse it with the BenQ GW2780 (except the T). There is no screen positioning function in this series (cannot be changed).

If you think this series is too big, here comes the BenQ GW2480T, a variant with a smaller screen size. You can buy this series for IDR 3,000,000.

Interested in buying a BenQ GW2780T monitor?

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