First Test Drive Of Mercedes-AMG C43 2023: An Electric Turbo That Looks Magical

The most impressive part of the Mercedes-AMG C43 2023 isn’t the mild-hybrid assist system, rear-wheel steering or the F1-inspired electric exhaust turbocharger. The most impressive part is that you can’t really feel all the tools running behind you behind the driver’s seat. Although technically very heavy, the C43 is very analog on the highway. With … Read more

Kia Carnival 2022 Long Term Summary: Minivan FTW

A year may feel like forever, but exactly 12 months have passed with Kia’s long carnival. Whether it’s everyday driving, cross-country travel, freight delivery, or track days, none of our long-distance vehicles are as exciting as Carnival. And frankly, we wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t have to bring the test vehicle back. Carnival … Read more

Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing First Drive Review: S$700,000 Remastered

On the surface, the idea of ​​a $700,000 Volvo doesn’t make sense. Even today, the six-figure number, embellished with Volvo’s sleek Scandinavian bodywork and vast expanses of woods and Orrefors crystal shifters, remains essentially uncharted territory for automakers, let alone sevens. So what’s this adorable little thing? Well, it’s kind of a Volvo, but not … Read more

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