Apple Begins Production Of IPhone 14 In India

Apple announced that shortly after its launch on Monday this week, it has begun assembling the iPhone 14 model, its first production line for the latest generation of devices, in India for the latest generation of devices. Since Apple has been manufacturing products for the Indian market since 2017, Apple only assembles older iPhone models … Read more

Apple Changes IPhone Battery Percentage Display In IOS 161

Disgruntled comments from iPhone users about Apple’s invisible battery design prompted a design change. Finally, the company changed the battery display along with the battery icon percentage with the iOS 16 update. However, even these changes do not immediately meet the needs of users. This belongs to two reasons. First, some iPhones don’t have the … Read more

IPhone 15 Doesn’t Use Apple Touch ID

Apple was recently reported to want to reuse Touch ID technology on the upcoming iPhone 15 flagship model. Despite extensive testing, it’s unlikely that Apple will be bringing this technology back to its new iPhone series any time soon. As is known, Apple first changed from Touch ID to Face ID with the announcement of … Read more