How to get rid of padlock Icon in Recent app Xiaomi

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How to get rid of padlock Icon in Recent app Xiaomi – Some time ago many users of xiaomi smart phone products when opening the recents app found an application that was marked with a key or padlock, (see picture below). This feature is indeed one of the features in the MIUI rom.

Every time he wants to kill the process through his recent xiaomi smartphone apps, then only a few applications that do not have a padlock sign come out, while applications that have a lock sign do not want to come out, even though he is not using the application.

We need to know that every application we use is closed, the application will not be immediately deleted 100% of the memory, but while it will reside in the memory of the xiaomi smartphone within a certain period of time, the goal is that when the user wants to reopen the application, the application will open faster.

Applications that have been closed that are still stored in memory we can see through recent apps, if on Xiaomi Xiaomi smartphone to see recent apps can use the navigation button illustrated Line 3 on the left.

If desired, the user can actually force quit all applications in recent apps by killing the process (pressing the cross), then all recent apps Applications will exit 100% and be cleaned from memory, but not for locked applications.

Some users sometimes do deliberately locking applications in recent apps, especially for applications that they often use, the goal is that the application remains in memory can not dikill process, so the application will be easier to run when you want to use again..

But unfortunately if the application is locked in the recent apps very much, it will make the performance of the xiaomi Xiaomi smartphone a little run labat, because the application will fill the memory.

How to remove the padlock icon in the recent xiaomi smartphone app

1. Open recent apps to open recent apps on xiaomi smartphones, the trick is to press the three line image navigation button located in the lower left corner.

By pressing the button, the xiaomi smartphone will display all open applications and applications that have been closed.

2. Find and select the locked application that you want to remove the lock image, if you have found it then click and hold on the application, then drag it to the bottom and then release.

By pulling it down, then on top of the application in question will appear open padlock button and gear button, as shown in the picture below:

3. Just Press on gamar gembuk terbuka (unlock), by pressing the button then the locking on the application will be eliminated, so that the application will then be able to I kill process.

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