Nintendo Switch Review: Is It Worth Buying In 2019?

When it launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch captivated gamers with its unique design and features. At the time, the Switch was the first hybrid console on the market.

However, priced at Rs 5.56 million at launch, this new Nintendo home console has sparked some skepticism. The reason is that both the graphics performance and the variety of games available are truly unmatched by the PS4 and Xbox One.

Entering its second year of release, the Nintendo Switch has undergone many changes. Is this console worth buying in 2019?

Nintendo Switch 2019 review.

design and function

At first glance, the Nintendo Switch looks like an ordinary portable console. Next to the 7-inch HD touchscreen is a pair of controllers, which Nintendo calls the Joy Con.

The standard Nintendo Switch Edition is available in two Joy-Con color options: gray, blue and red. The review unit is packaged in a second set of colors.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can be used like a handheld console or connected to a home console-style TV. So, with one console, you can play anywhere, whether it’s a portable mini console screen or a big screen TV.

Sony has implemented a similar concept to Remote Play. This feature allows PS3 and PS4 users to continue playing games even when they are away from the console and TV.

However, to use this feature, you need a second device, the Sony PS Vita portable console. Also, don’t forget a fast internet connection. Both of these require a lot of extra money.

Meanwhile, the Switch offers similar features at a much lower price. What’s more, this hybrid controller also offers motion control which provides a different experience from other competitions.

The Joy-Con can be removed from the body of the Switch and used as a motion controller just like the Nintendo Wii. The monitor also has an internal stand so you can stand comfortably on the table.

Nintendo also offers a dock that can turn the Switch into a home console. The converter screen display is transmitted to the TV via an HDMI cable and the picture resolution is increased from HD to Full HD.

This increase in resolution doesn’t change the fact that the graphics displayed on the Switch are not as pretty as the PS4 and Xbox One. But again, you get a handheld console and a home console in one sales package.

Unfortunately, the battery for the Nintendo Switch only lasts around 4-5 hours when run in portable mode.

game selection

Unfortunately, the Switch has suffered from the same ailments as other Nintendo consoles in the past. At launch, there were very few games on this console. There are only two titles in the spotlight: Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo’s reputation for offering kid-friendly games, cute, colorful graphics, and different gameplay from most AAA games on console and PC doesn’t help either.

Major studios like Ubisoft and Rockstar continue to make games with increasingly realistic graphics for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The gameplay offered in each game is action-oriented and the story is structured like a movie on the big screen.

This trend contradicts Nintendo’s inherent identity, which is still synonymous with platform games and J-RPGs featuring lighter cartoon-like graphics. However, with the increasing number of new games on this console, there are many titles that change this perception.

Surprisingly, the dark and monster-filled RPG Diablo III released for Nintendo Switch last year. Wolfenstein’s brutal FPS, open world Saints Row, battle royale Fortnite, and the controversial fighting game Mortal Kombat are all available on this console.

Great games from top developers as well as independent studios are available on Switch. Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, for example, received rave reviews from critics, critics, and gamers in general.

The existence of these games shows that the Nintendo Switch is more than just a ‘family game console’. This hybrid console is no longer just designed for gamers who want to enjoy recycling Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, and Mega Man. But it’s also ready to cater to gamers who are hungry for action and AAA games.

Slowly but surely, games that were previously exclusive to PC and home consoles are starting to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Overall, this hybrid console already has thousands of games available for purchase in physical or digital cartridge form.

Speaking of digital gaming, I have one complaint about this console. WiFi switch connection feels very weak. The console often struggles to receive a signal when other devices such as cell phones and laptops can connect properly.

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Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda

When it was released almost two years ago, there were only these two great titles on the Nintendo Switch. Quantitatively questionable, the quality offered deserves appreciation. All of them provide an exciting gaming experience and make players forget the time.

When I started playing Switch last month, Odyssey and Zelda were one of the first three games I tried. The third game is FIFA 2018, which is described as a flop compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but is still worth playing.

These two games revived my passion for platform games and RPGs. Odyssey offers a more modern Mario character, a light and creative storyline, and a series of challenging and entertaining bosses set in a colorful 3D world.

It’s confusing at times because of the controls and third-person view, but Odyssey’s expansive world and captivating puzzles make you want to play.

I had a similar experience when I sampled Zelda and explored the beautifully designed kingdom of Hyrule. Although not as realistic as the games on Xbox One and PS4, Zelda’s 3D animation is the main attraction. In addition, from the beginning to the story and puzzles that stimulate the curiosity of players.

With the background of console players (PlayStation) and PC, these two games are like a breath of fresh air. Actually, as a fan of shooting games and stealth games, I really want to finish these two games, especially Odyssey.

It takes about 11 hours to complete Super Mario Odyssey and about 30-60 hours to complete Breath of the Wild. With these two games alone, you can enjoy dozens of hours.


So, back to the original question: is the Nintendo Switch worth buying in 2019? of course!

Once again, Nintendo has created a console that offers a unique experience. As previously discussed, the main advantage of this console is that it can be played on the go like a handheld console and connected to a TV like a regular console.

The exclusive games on offer, especially Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, offer immersive visuals and unique gameplay that you won’t find on other consoles.

There are now thousands of games on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, at the time of writing, Nintendo’s official website says there are currently 2,054 games, 23 games are available to order, and 86 games are expected to be released in the near future. The large selection of games is no longer a relevant issue in 2019.

The only sacrifice you have to make is its graphics capabilities. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the same internal hardware as the PS4 or Xbox One, but it makes up for this shortcoming with a more attractive experience and price.

The Switch will be available in mid-2019 with prices starting from Rp. 395 million. However, if you want to buy a special edition Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to dig deeper.

Yes, Nintendo offers a number of special editions featuring popular game characters like Mario, Pikachu, and Eevee. In fact, Nintendo is also selling a Switch version of Diablo.

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So, are you interested in buying this unique console from Nintendo?

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