Packed With Accessories, The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S Will Leave You Deaf, Heartbroken And Incredibly Happy

The Ducati Streetfighter V4 S is a crap machine. So again, with the 208 horsepower V4 and more electronics than the Space Shuttle, how about not? But luckily, it’s also one of the easiest hyper-striping bikes to ride. Most of the acceleration in space and time occurs near the red line of 14,500 rpm.

This rideability can only be experienced in the V4 S. What if your budget isn’t limited to the parts and accessories that show up at your Ducati factory? Did one of the coolest bikes on sale today change its character? In short, yes.

Ducati recently delivered a fully loaded Streetfighter V4 S. When I first launched it outside my quiet home in Pasadena, the neighbor’s car alarm went off. I am no longer famous on my shoulders. (This is good.)

this exhaust is stupid. I got a warning.

For this Streetfighter, Ducati installed a legal Termignoni racing exhaust system, making it the loudest bike I’ve ever ridden. Seriously, I skipped earplugs once and still regret the decision. While driving to our favorite shooting location, editor-in-chief Stephen Ewing said he could clearly hear the Ducati behind him even though the windows were open and the Ford Explorer stereo turned on. By the way, it’s 35 mph in 3rd gear. It’s really noisy.

Costing $5,622, this exotic and noisy exhaust is great for a 6% increase in horsepower and torque. The Streetfighter also includes a few other performance parts, such as a racing dry clutch ($3,930) to make for a faster ride in traffic, but more importantly to make the bike feel like a classic Ducati sports bike. This sound can be explained by a devil’s tambourine or a washing machine full of car crashes. I don’t believe it.

The stock V4 S wheels are impressive forged aluminum units that transmit ample power and are fairly light. However, Ducati does offer Marchesini factory-built magnesium alloy wheels on this bike. How much does it cost? Grab your ass: $5,437. They are also 33% lighter than stock wheels. That’s a big difference on a motorcycle.

There are plenty of weight-saving carbon fiber mods for $1,492, such as the Aileron. Add a carbon fiber frame cover, mudguard, heel guard, and tool tank cover for an additional $3,309.

These magnesium wheels are 33% lighter than regular wheels.

If you are interested in accessories, why stop at Carbon? Ducati purchased the aluminum party buddy with racing fuel filler cap from Rizoma for $245, or the aluminum side mirror from Rizoma for $359. Aluminum brake and clutch reservoir? Also $211 at Rizoma.

There have been a lot of adjustments, but the list goes on. The basic Streetfighter V4 S is an expensive motorcycle that starts at $25,495. But by the time you finish one rig with all the accessories, as Ducati did here, there’s a bike that costs $44,626. For context, Ducati’s custom lightweight V4 S comes with carbon fiber wheels and many of the same accessories listed above, but retails for $35,500.

The riding experience this love letter provides, which is completely transferred to the Ducati accessory catalog, is in some ways worse than a regular bike. It’s very loud and the clutch is loud and a little noisy. You are responsible for dragging all the cops for miles. But it’s also unique. And when you’re in the canyon, the roar makes you feel like the coolest biker on the planet. This must be something important.

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