Tutorial moving contact Data on Xiaomi smartphones easily

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Tutorial moving contact Data on Xiaomi smartphones easily – Specifically related to contact settings on xiaomi smartphones, in addition to providing backup and restore contact facilities, xiaomi also provides contact settings facilities for the purposes of moving or Export/import Contacts, some features export/import Contacts contained in xiaomi smartphones include:

Contact import facility

  • Import from storage. with this feature you can move the contact data contained in the Mi or google account storage to be moved to the contact storage of your xiaomi smartphone.
  • Import from SIM card, with this feature you can move contacts stored on the sim card to hp

Contact export facility

  • Export to storage, with this feature you can save contact data contained in the storage of your xiaomi cellphone will usually be stored in the MNT /sdcard/00001 file.vcf
  • Export to SIM card, with this feature you can move the contact data on your xiaomi smartphone to the SIM card, unfortunately the card storage capacity is limited, usually can only store contact data of less than 100 contacts

With the Export /import Contacts feature above, you can easily move the contact data you have, either when you want to change smartphones or when you want to copy contacts.

How to move contacts (Export / import) on xiaomi smartphones easily

What I describe in this article is how to move or copy contacts on xiaomi smartphones, it seems that the way the settings will not be much different for all other xiaomi smartphone brands.

The steps to copy Phone Contacts on a xiaomi smartphone are as follows:

1. Go to Page settings
2. Scroll down a bit and select an option System apps / System Apps

3. Then on the list of applications, please search and click contact / contact, to enter the contact settings page

4. Select options Export / Import Contacts,

5. In the yard import / export You will see special facilities import / export which you can use to move contacts from phone / card to external storage, or from external storage to phone or card storage.

To move contacts you can first export and then import.

The settings above are the settings for copying contacts on xiaomi smartphones, in some other android smartphone brands the method may be different.

Thus this article may be useful for blog readers Xiaomi Indonesia. Thank You.

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