Vivo V25 Indonesia Launch: Date, Price, And Specifications

Vivo smartphone announced the latest Vivo V25 series, Vivo V25 5G series and Vivo V25 Pro 5G. The two Vivo series will be officially launched in Indonesia on Monday (12/9/2022).

For Vivo V25, the 5G series itself introduces Extended RAM 3.0 technology, which allows RAM capacity to be expanded up to 8GB.

Additional virtual RAM uses up to 8GB of storage, maximizing phone performance and running 50% more apps simultaneously compared to the previous generation V-series.

Meanwhile, the Vivo V25 Pro 5G is said to come with 12GB + 8GB of expanded RAM, while the Vivo V25 is said to come with 8GB of storage + 8GB of expanded RAM.

This extended RAM feature allows users to seamlessly perform PP aggregation, data compression and data aggregation. It is also claimed that switching from one app to another is smooth and seamless.

The press release stated that the Vivo V25 Series 5G will also have an updated cooling system. This is done to overcome the problem of overheating or overheating that is often felt by users.

In Vivo V25 Pro, the company introduced the Bionic cooling system which works faster, cools the smartphone and reduces the direct thermal effect on the CPU.

The HP Vivo Bionic Cooling System comes with an increased vapor chamber area of ​​up to 3,002mm².

Yoga Samiaji, Senior Product Manager, Vivo Indonesia, Monday (9 May 2022) “The Vivo V25 Series 5G is ready to give every user the freedom to express themselves through photo and video recording.” said Yoga Samiaji, Senior Product Manager, Vivo Indonesia, Monday (9 May 2022).

Regarding the technology used, Vivo V25 uses liquid cooling system technology that works more efficiently and on time to dissipate and dissipate heat.

The charging sector has also been improved by incorporating FlashCharge technology.

Vivo V25 Pro itself has a 4830mAh battery and supports 66W fast charging capacity. The phone is said to be able to charge up to 71% in just 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Vivo 25 is powered by a 4,500mAh battery and is capable of 44W flash charging. It is said that the smartphone can be charged up to 61% in 30 minutes.

Vivo also provides protection for users to experience better power management and ensure safety in every aspect while charging.

Vivo claims that the V25 Pro 5G and V25 are the best cinema smartphones. This is where the innovation of the 64MP OIS night camera technology is introduced in this V25 5G line. This technology allows this HP Vivo camera to reduce blurry shots and support longer exposure times.

The OIS function on the V25 Pro 5G and V25 5G has increased sensitivity levels and works mechanically to detect camera movement and move the lens to stabilize shots, including nighttime low-light compensation.

Vivo also includes a hybrid image stabilization technology that combines the dual effects of OIS and EIS. EIS increases the sharpness of each frame produced by OIS so that the video output has a more stable and sharper quality.

Vivo V25 Pro 5G features real-time extreme night vision which allows users to preview image brightness in low light conditions. Users can also adjust the brightness and shooting according to their needs.

Both types of camera technology are also equipped with Bokeh Flare Portrait and Bokeh Portrait Video.

Pricing for Vivo V25 Pro starts at Rs 8999,000 and Vivo V25 5G starts at Rs 5999,000.

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