Xiaomi Mi 2 Smart Scale Review: Full Feature Smart Scale

Are you looking for a scale that can help you run a diet program to achieve your ideal weight? You can choose Mi Smart Scale 2. why? There are three reasons why this scale should exist. First, the price is very reasonable. Second, the price is the cheapest among other types of “smart scales” on the market. Third, it can display data that is fully functional and fully detailed.

So, what are the other advantages of getting this smart scale from Xiaomi? A truly futuristic design. I don’t feel the scales at all. You should read the full review below to be clear.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 comes in a white package design (we think it’s pretty cool). Not much evidence of cardboard packaging at this Xiaomi scale. Show only large product images with some symbols and small Chinese characters. This weighing pack has 4 batteries as power source for the weighing unit, manual (Chinese) and scales.


To be honest, BukaReview really likes the design of the Mi Smart Scale 2. Especially the curved shape of the four corners of the scale. why? This is because the scale reduces collisions with other objects. It can be said that the strength of this Xiaomi scale lies in its design in addition to its function. The glazed design is very attractive. The scale doesn’t have a screen to display numbers at all.

If you use a scale to measure your weight, it will start showing numbers. The weight number appears in the center of the top of the scale on the white LED display (the number can be clearly displayed even in a bright room).


According to the supplementary material “Smart Balance”, this scale includes: Mi Smart Scale 2 cannot be used for weight measurement only. However, you can also measure:

• Body fat percentage

• muscle mass

body water percentage

• Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): A measure of the energy your body needs to carry out its activities per day.

• Rimak . default

• Bone mass

• Body Mass Index (BMI): This shows whether we are normal, thin or overweight.

• lean mass

percentage of protein in the body

With a price tag of 300,000 rupees, the function of this scale is absolutely flawless.

user experience

To be honest, the first time we used this scale we were a bit confused. This is because the Mi Smart Scale 2’s LED display only shows the weight numbers. No other measurement data (such as BMI promoted by this product). To search for data other than weight, you need to use the Mi Fit app, which can connect directly to the Mi Smart 2 scale, which can be annoying for those who don’t have the app. why? This is because you have to download the app and then register from scratch.

Connecting the Mi Smart Scale 2 is very easy if you already have the Mi Fit app. Place your foot on the 4 silver balls of the scale and the app will quickly read and display the data you have. What is your weight and what is your body mass index? He is thin, overweight or normal. You can also find out if your body lacks protein or not. Yes, those are the details.

If you have a Mi Band, you can connect it directly to the Mi Fit and Mi Smart Scale 2 apps. This makes it easy to track the progress of your diet program to your sleep patterns. Have your weight loss goals been achieved. Is the comfort style messy, etc.?

It is also informative in terms of the information displayed, easy to understand and graphically complete. It’s not just about displaying data. But also an explanation of what you need to do. In general, Mi Smart Scale 2 displays enough physical health data. According to BukaReview, this scale is ideal for everyday use at home. Mainly for monitoring weight and BMI.

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